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About us

Brightline Communications   prides ourselves in providing communication solutions based`on simple to use technology that are dependable and cost effective.

Our team comprise of individuals who listen attentively so we can offer the best possible solution to your communication challenges.


Communication technology has become a mainstay in our business' dailyoperations. Because we work with major telco companies to either resell or integrate their services withours, our clients achieve the most cost effective and dependable solution for their communicationneeds.

Our services includes

1. Mobile

2. BlackBerry

3. IDD Calls

4. Internet Broadband

5. Roaming (Voice and Data)

Technology evolves too quickly and becomesconfusing to the end users. We evaluate all new possible solutions and only recommend the latest technologythat are dependable,easy to use and cost effective to our clients.

Corporate Individual Schemes

We work with telco companies to offer consumers near-corporatediscounts and benefits for mobile and internet broadband service



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Internet Broadband (Coming Soon)

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