BizPhone Cloud IVR


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Setup Fee

  • One-time Activation Fee: $10

Account Setup

  • Setup within 1~2 working days
  • Online portal for self management
  • No contract required
  • CorpPass/SingPass verification required
    • Upon order payment, you will receive an order confirmation email,
    • Follow email instructions to verify CorpPass/SingPass,
    • After successful verification, we will email you with a list of phone numbers to choose from,
    • If you have yet to register SingPass/CorpPass for your company, kindly visit


  • Virtual 6-series Singapore landline phone number
  • Virtual Automated Attendant IVR
  • Fully customizable call flow
    • By Working Hours
    • By Work Days
  • BizPhone Apps
    • Outgoing/incoming calls via mobile/desktop app
  • Call transfer / holding / forwarding / conferencing / voicemail

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