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International Voice and Data

Staying connected has never been easier.
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Roaming and International calls from as low as $0.03/min.

RoamWiFi / RoamLite

One Pocket WiFi Router gives you Unlimited Data in over 140 countries.

Our Services


Highly-specialized area of business and it is much more than a matter of IT.

Our Services

Cloud Solution

Empowering as anyone in any part of world with internet connection. Anytime and anywhere.


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I had the chance to use the Roamwifi router in Jakarta, and it worked very well throughout my trip! Connection was great, speed fast, and hassle-free. Will definitely use this again for all my future business trips.


Reliable and easy to use! Highly recommended for both business and leisure travelers.


The perfect answer for any business traveler! Very glad I got introduced to it.